Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Night at the Market - 02/28/09

Ooh, I'm late! I stayed in the studio until the wee hours (playing with fusing copper - more about that in tomorrow's post), and ran out of steam before I got to my Market shopping. Maybe I should wear this great necklace from Smoke and Feather so I don't ever forget about time again! I found this when searching with the keyword 'watch' for this week's 1000 Markets Search Engine Find. Okay, without further ado, let's shop!!

I am in full spring fever mode, and excited about getting outside and digging in the dirt, but the weather is not on my side just yet, so I thought I'd shop for garden-y things today, after being inspired by this

completely adorable little set from Maddie and Me's shop. Her shop is filled with the most unique and cute children's clothing like this great little boy's teeshirt or sweet pink dress with a matching doll's dress.

Maddie's little gardener's outfit reminds me of an old-fashioned cottage garden, much like I envision my own to be. I've designed it with birds, bees and other creatures in mind, and try and leave some spots a bit wild so there are secret places for creatures to make a life for themselves.

These great mason's bee hives from Andrews' Reclaimed shop are something I plan to add this year. Andrew makes wonderful bird feeders, butterfly and bat houses, too, all from reclaimed fences, barns, and other structures that are scheduled for demolition. I have a lot of purple coneflowers, lavender, (of course) and ruguosa roses that bees love, so I want to provide good housing for them - don't want them to have to travel too far for the day's pollen-gathering.

My addiction to cut flowers is another reason that I garden, and I was reminded of the beauty about to burst forth in a week or two when I saw this great Daffodil Garden fine art photograph in Judy Stalus' shop.

Actually I love every single photo in her shop!! I'm really looking forward to filling my house with cut flowers like the purple coneflowers in her Late Summer Bouquet photograph. I have a huge patch of coneflowers that I grow to feed my favorite little goldfinches as well as for great long-lasting bouquets. I always make sure to leave plenty of them go to seed, and enjoy watching the little finches just about all winter.

The very best one of all, though, I think, is the White Datura on Lace. This one not only inspires me to garden, but also to create jewelry. The way she has captured the beautiful curving forms in this flower have me ready to run down to the studio and make a pendant!


  1. Beautiful market the necklace and the beautiful floral prints the best.

  2. OOhhh, I can't wait to start digging with my two munchkins in tow, and that outfit from Maddie's is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing!