Saturday, August 25, 2007

And now for something a bit different - Black

Still fusing silver circles, but now we're going a bit more bold. Large circles hanging on smooth, shiny little nuggets of onyx. This one feels really good to wear, and looks great with a white shirt and black pants.

Monday, August 20, 2007

And a little more moonstone...

Still on the moonstone kick here, lol. And still fusing, too! I thought I'd see what happened if I fused a swirl, and I kind of liked it. Here's a necklace of sparkly moonstones, teeny dragonfly accents, and a fused silver swirl with a single grey moonstone teardrop. Then, I noticed how nicely these lovely white glass leaves I got last spring went with the moonstones, and I made some more fused circles, accented with a little bit of stamping and made a matching necklace and earring set. This set is one of my favorites in my personal collection - and it goes with everything!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moonstones, Dragonflies and Fused Silver

Still playing with my moonstone, and I got out my fine silver and started fusing again. Feels good to be back playing with the torch! Here's a set of fused silver oval links - a braclet with matching earrings. Then I did a dainty little moonstone bracelet with tiny dragonflies and my fused silver toggle. The cool breezy white of the moonstones are just right for hot August days!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Labradorite and Moonstone, Oh my...

I love, love, labradorite, and rainbow moonstone is a close second. I snapped up these scrumptious puff coin beads the very minute I saw them, and then splurged further on some sparkly little rainbow moonstones. These two stones, as well as sunstone, are all in the feldspar family, and all have that lovely sheen known as "schiller". Very simple little bracelet and earring set meant to show off the stones in all their glory. Handforged earwires and Hilltribe silver toggle finish off the set.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And now.... we resume our regularly scheduled blog!

Every year it happens at some point - I take a little vacation from making jewelry. My muse disappears, and I indulge in other things. This year I concentrated on my garden, and joined the Southern Appalachian Plant Society. A wonderful organization full of fun people that love gardening. I also started using (and selling) organic gardening products from The Happy Gardener . Great stuff! I did an organic gardening product booth at the SAPs statewide convention in June, had a lot of fun talking to people, and even sold a few things. Got my feet wet at doing a show, and even met a couple of jewelry folks - who'd have thought there'd be jewelry at a gardening show! I may have to actually try a doing a jewelry booth at a show one of these years - we'll see. Anyway, my jewelry muse finally returned at the end of July, so I am getting back to creating again. We'll see where we go from here.......