Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And now.... we resume our regularly scheduled blog!

Every year it happens at some point - I take a little vacation from making jewelry. My muse disappears, and I indulge in other things. This year I concentrated on my garden, and joined the Southern Appalachian Plant Society. A wonderful organization full of fun people that love gardening. I also started using (and selling) organic gardening products from The Happy Gardener . Great stuff! I did an organic gardening product booth at the SAPs statewide convention in June, had a lot of fun talking to people, and even sold a few things. Got my feet wet at doing a show, and even met a couple of jewelry folks - who'd have thought there'd be jewelry at a gardening show! I may have to actually try a doing a jewelry booth at a show one of these years - we'll see. Anyway, my jewelry muse finally returned at the end of July, so I am getting back to creating again. We'll see where we go from here.......

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