Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Accepted by Trunkt - I'm on Cloud 9!!!!!

I have been absent from blogging for far too long, but I have a great excuse! I've been working hard on the business and marketing side of things. Today I decided to apply to Trunkt - a wonderful juried online portfolio for artists of all types, focused on getting both retail and wholesale buyers together with quality craft. I'd been thinking about applying for months, but the jewelry category is famously difficult to get into, and I was just, well, chicken! A few minutes later, I saw my photo on the front page for recent additions - and sure enough, there was an acceptance email in my inbox! I am thrilled - what great exposure this will be! I've been selling since Valentine's Day on Etsy, and found that I just love the marketing end of making jewelry - so much fun to see what does and doesn't sell - and a real joy to hear when people receive my pieces and really love them!

I've spent most of the evening getting photos edited and uploaded, and I have the beginnings of a professional portfolio ready for the wholesale market - whooohooo! Now I just have to learn to be a faster metalsmith, and I reeaaallly need to get those pieces right below this post done!! I have been making lots of new things, mostly small metal pieces, and even made a pendant out of the reticlated silver I made last fall, but I haven't taken the time to do more than one new bezel setting. Time to get back to bezels!

Do check out my new portfolio. And take a good browse around some of the other artist's work, too! I met this wonderful artist on Etsy, and now am the proud owner of one of her originals.