Sunday, March 16, 2008

Earring Party!

I'm still short on time, so no torching or metalwork this week - I hate that!! I've got soooo many ideas that my sketch book is getting full. I had to make something, though, so whipped up a batch of earrings last night. At least I got to hammer stuff and make headpins and earwires! Made my first pair of long kidney earwires, too. These are fun, and show off smaller stones really well. I'll be making more, I think. Here's a sampling of yesterday's work, more are up on my Etsy shop. First, a pair of copper hoops that were patina'd with the torch. Then there is some great deep blue lapis on my handmade kidney earwires, and finally a pair using some georgeous bloodstone beads I've had for a while.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, sheesh - how did it get to be March already? I've been super busy at my day job, so the "extra" computer-related items (like blogging) get a wee bit neglected....but I am here to get things going again. I haven't had a chance to make much jewelry in the last month, but I have been busy on the business end of things. I've opened a new Etsy shop, which has been great fun. Today is my Grand Opening - I'm sooo excited! Etsy is a wonderful community of independent craft artists and a great place to shop for truly gorgeous handcrafted items. Check out my little "mini" shop on this page, and go check it out!

I've also been accumulating a delicious stash of cabochons to make new pieces with - I'll post a picture as soon as I can, and hope to get busy making something this weekend - I've been having torch withdrawal!

Back soon.....