Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well, sheesh - how did it get to be March already? I've been super busy at my day job, so the "extra" computer-related items (like blogging) get a wee bit neglected....but I am here to get things going again. I haven't had a chance to make much jewelry in the last month, but I have been busy on the business end of things. I've opened a new Etsy shop, which has been great fun. Today is my Grand Opening - I'm sooo excited! Etsy is a wonderful community of independent craft artists and a great place to shop for truly gorgeous handcrafted items. Check out my little "mini" shop on this page, and go check it out!

I've also been accumulating a delicious stash of cabochons to make new pieces with - I'll post a picture as soon as I can, and hope to get busy making something this weekend - I've been having torch withdrawal!

Back soon.....


  1. I love your work!! I found you on Etsy and I think you are amazing! I too live in Tenn. (in Johnson City) and I wish I lived near people like you that could teach me how to be a "pro jewelry maker". I make beaded jewelry although I am not as talented as you are!!! Maybe one day you may have a class!! Again, I love your work!

  2. Thanks so much Evelyse! I really love Etsy, and I've met some wonderful artists there already. There is so much gorgeous work out there it is amazing! I have thought about doing classes, actually, I love teaching!