Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Night at 1000 Markets - 03/28/09

Yay for categories!!

Things are getting exciting over at 1000 Markets these days. Not only is there buzz about a "Grand Opening" this Spring, maybe even in April, but categories have finally arrived!! (If you aren't yet convinced that 1000 Markets is going to be the best handmade shopping site in the world, read this interview) The artists and admins are working hard to get all the category names finalized and our products sorted into them. I've always loved 1000 Markets as an artist, but as a shopper I was always afraid I might be missing something great because I couldn't browse by product categories. When I'm in the mood I want to see every single one of whatever it it I'm looking for!

Even though the categories aren't fully stocked yet, I've already found things I never knew were there. Or re-found things I forgot were there. Like this great clock from Mad Tea Party. This shop was one of the very first I ever discovered at 1000 Markets, and it was love at first sight. I could decorate an entire room around this clock!

And speaking of decorating, I also found this lamp titled 'Touch of Whim' in the shop. It would be completely perfect in my living room. This one is definitely on my wish list, right under the clock!

I also discovered that Mad Tea Party is a member of a great new market - Magical Talents, where I rediscovered Karen Sugarman's amazingly beautiful Peruvian Pink Opal Parfait necklace. This one just leaves me speechless - I can't stop looking at it! A year or two ago I made a bracelet out of gorgeous pink opal beads, and it would be just exquisite with this necklace. (hmmm, I need to go find that bracelet and wear it!)

Another piece of Karen's that I adore is 'Alexendra', another piece made of dreamy pink, and highlighted with citrine and pearls, and a lovely, regal focal pendant.

Karen's pink lovlies put me in the mood for more pink, so tonight's 1000 Markets Search Engine find is the word "pink".

And who wouldn't want a pink leather collar complete with jewels for their sweet little puppy? I think my Roxie dog would just love this! It's from Greenbelts' shop, and is made from a recycled full grain leather belt and pink rhinestones.

And on that pink note, I will close for now. I am falling asleep at the keyboard, a wee side effect from my lovely morning of gardening in the light misty rain. Picked the first bouquet of the year - Pink tulips and purple money plant. Good night!


  1. I must check out 1000 Markets...beautiful picks...those pink opal items are gorgeous.

  2. I'll have to make a special trip to look around 1000markets today. Too many things to little time!