Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday Night at the Market - 03/08/09

I went to bed early last night, so I'd be ready to enjoy the great spring day today, therefore no midnight market shopping last night. I'm shopping hearty this morning, though, with my cup of coffee and gorgeous warm sunshine! I am just itching to get out in the mountains with my camera. The picture above is a beautiful trillium from the Asheville, Any Way You Like It website. I'm so lucky to live near this great city and the nearby mountains. On to the shopping now...

Continuing with the idea of highlighting different techniques each week, (forgot about that last week, oops..) this week we are looking at doll making. I once worked with someone who made exquisite Victorian dolls, and I was always in total awe of her work. I decided to search 1000 Markets for dolls and see what wonders are being created.

The first one I found is not exactly a Victorian beauty, but I can definitely identify with her - meet '50 at the Beach' from Crazy Art Dolls' studio. She was created from sculpey clay, and is described as a "seasoned older women who feels self-confident in her bikini and sunscreen. You can see her down at the beach soaking up the local color and checking out the younger men."

Ha, ha - I may not be self-confident in a bikini, but checking out the younger men sounds like a good way to spend some time! Too bad the nearest beach is probably 300 miles from here, oh well... maybe I can kiss a frog instead, like this adorable daddy frog with his little tadpole, another wonderful clay piece from Crazy Art Dolls.

Then we have Major Thimmes, a stuffy old British gentlemen on his way to the golf course. Wonder what he'd think of Miss 50 at the Beach? The Major is from Studio 2n3d, and has been created using needle sculpting and paper clay techniques. He "likes to have a pint, smoke his pipe, and brag about the day's near misses, hole-in-one, and of course the other guy's mulligans."

And I completely adore "Dancing Her Dream", also from Studio 2n3d. I think I'm going to make this my motto - I am definitely 'dancing my dream' these days! This joyful little doll is just the perfect expression of pure happiness - we should all be dancing our dreams!

And speaking of sunshine and happiness and dancing, today's 1000 Markets' Search Engine Find is based on the words 'yellow, sun, happy', and brought up this perfect little card from Emerlye Arts paper shop. Take a minute to check out the beautiful paper art in her shop - I especially love her Visionary Themes collection.

That's all for now, as I must get the day going. Many pretties to make today!

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  1. If I know British Majors, then Major Thimmes would probably adore the bikini look ;)
    Nic x