Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Night at 1000 Markets

I'm so excited - I just discovered the Come to Asheville Market at 1000 Markets! Asheville is just 'over the mountain' from me, and it is wonderful to be able to meet so many wonderful artists that are practically in my back yard! In fact, one of my favorite places is in the River Arts District - Earthspeak Arts. Whenever I can afford it, I take a class there. The last one I took was on reticulation, and I had a blast, plus I learned a wonderful new technique. That was over a year ago already - it's high time to take another one!!

On to the great shopping......Of course, the great pottery in Eileen and Marty Black's Potter's Mark Ltd. shop is the first thing I noticed. I adore the Mad Hatter's Teapot - not only the shape, but the great rich color, which is an ancient Japanese Tenmoku glaze.
Another great piece is the Earthtone Fin Pot, which was hand built, with each fin added one by one. This piece would look completely at home on my dining room table filled with pinecones from my yard.

Small worlds, and an old friend found...

Now, here is where today's story gets really exciting (to me, at least, ha ha). I was browsing through the market and noticed a unique and fascinating bracelet named The Accountant's Daughter. This piece is a study in different metal techniques, all executed to perfection. I noticed the name of the shop, Relics of a New Age, and thought "what a great name - it perfectly describes the style of this work."

Then I saw the name of the shop owner - Una Barrett. Turns out that this is indeed the daughter of the person who gifted me with a pair of her handmade earrings way back when I was a country inn owner/chef, and had no idea that 'regular people' could actually create jewelry! Of course, the last time I saw her, Una was probably 10 years old, and Una's mom was my assistant chef at the inn. She made the most fabulous soups on the planet, and I couldn't have lived without her during the inn years. I lost track of her after selling the inn, but I often think of her since I now make a living as a jewelry artist. And how ironic that her daughter Una is also a metalsmith!! I can't wait to get back in touch with her! What a small world this is, made even smaller by places like 1000 Markets!

The Come to Asheville market is also brimming with gorgeous paintings and photography as unique and beautiful as is the Western NC area. A couple of my favorites are from a new series by Lisa Ringelspaugh Irvine. Here are her words about her inspiration for this series: "I have spent many evenings in downtown Asheville, NC watching magic happen between people. This is one in a new series of paintings celebrating that magic."

Lisa's paintings do indeed capture the magic that I have enjoyed, as well, on my many trips to Asheville's ever so browseable downtown. Old Europe is another one I love that makes you feel like you are right there. In fact, I think it's about time for a weekend trip to Asheville to see what's new in the shops downtown and go back to the fabulous Indian restaurant we found the last time we were there. And if you all are too far away to visit Asheville in person, do make sure to browse the rest of the wonderful shops in the Come to Asheville Market. You are sure to find something you love there!

And now I'm off to compose an email to Una's mom to say hello - bet she'll be surprised! See you all later!


  1. It's such a small would isn't it! That bracelet is gorgeous :) Do you know what? I LOVE the way you write about your daily life, it makes me feel like we're sitting at the kitchen table drinking scented tea....
    Thank you for sharing this little piece of your life & introducing me to 1000 markets.
    I wish they let us UK folks have a stall too ;)
    Nic xx

  2. I just found your blog and have been checking out your jewelry (and drooling over it!) What beautiful pieces! Working in metal is something I hope to begin doing in the next year or two. I'm very inspired by your work.

  3. Thanks, Nic! I really feel like I'm sitting at the table drinking tea with friends when I write! They say they are working on having international buyers/sellers over at 1000 Markets. I sure hope so - I think it's so important to include the rest of the world, not just the US!

    Lynne, thank you so much for the kind words about my jewelry! I hope you get to work in metal - it is so much fun, you'll be addicted in no time! Your work is beautiful, too - I had a peek at your Etsy shops, great job!