Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 03/22/09

My apologies to my fellow Etsians for the unscheduled break in Etsy finds. I am once again back on schedule. I must say, while some may complain about the size and the quality of Etsy, I continue to be fascinated by what can be found there. I decided to go on a little adventure this morning and search for fabulous, over-the-top expensive jewelry, just to see what I could find.

One of the first things I happened across that I think I totally need is this pair of handcrafted Rose Colored Glasses by Michelle Robison. Not over the top, or completely out of reach price-wise at all, these little glasses will come in handy when looking at the remainder of the lovelies I am posting today.

Also in Michelle's shop is her 10 carat tanzanite and chrome diopside Fairy Fantasy necklace which is a tad bit out of my price range, but lovely, none the less, and completely hand made. When I wear my rose-colored glasses, price is never a problem, anyway! Michelle has a BFA from Defiance College and has been a studio sculptor since 1992. Her background in sculpting is obvious when looking at her beautiful Art Nouveau style pieces. She also sculpts one of a kind artist dolls, which can be found here.

Another stunning find is the incredible gold wire-wrapped pendant titled "Incident at Gate 7" from the shop of Sarah at Paradigm Shift Jewelry which showcases a jaw-dropping watermelon tourmaline stone. It even has its own video! (flash version here)

In the shop of the amazingly talented Joan Dulla, you will find the completely mesmerizing "I Can Wear a Rainbow" necklace. This masterpiece has been crocheted out of niobium wire which is colored to match the Swarovski Crystal used. The piece won 2005 American Vision Award and one is also in the collection of the Swarovski Corportion.

If you prefer the classic and understated elegance of gold and pearls, then you will love the gorgeous 18kt gold hand crocheted tube that is encrusted with 3mm pearls. Inside the tube are two 10mm pearls that move freely - something to keep your hands occupied when you are feeling fidgety.

And lastly, I leave you with the perfect artist's statement of our times - the "We Might as Well Wear It" necklace, made of gold colored crocheted wire and, what else - MONEY! You may order this one with 14kt gold wire, if you prefer. On that note, my friends, put on your Rose Colored Glasses, and Have a Wonderful Sunday.......


  1. oooh I need some rose coloured glasses too! lol
    Makes me want to get the little mini screws out...hmmm I wonder if I could "pimp my specs" ;)

  2. Cheryl, You are such a fantastic promoter. You deserve an award. Oh, I gave you one. Check my blog.