Monday, March 9, 2009

What? No Sunday Coffee and Etsy?

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy will be back as usual next week, I promise! I was busy yesterday working on some Monday Morning Bling, ha ha..... Yes, I was downstairs playing with my new pretties instead of blogging yesterday. Saturday's mail brought a couple of faceted stones - sky blue topaz, and a rainbow moonstone. Ever since Jen got me started thinking about setting faceted stones I've been itching to get going on a few. And to help me along, there has been a great thread at Orchid about the ins and outs of getting the prongs perfectly smooth so they don't snag on things.

I started with the 8mm round sky blue topaz - what a gorgeous pale blue it is! I used my favorite patterned wire for the shank, and I am calling this one 'Sweet Blue Skies of Spring'. I got in a big hurry to set the stone (patience is not my best virtue) and didn't check my solder seam on the shank after I soldered on the setting, so the seam is visible inside the ring.

That means this one is all mine, mine, mine!! I'm generally not the 'bling' type, but I really like this one. I think I will put the design in my Etsy shop and see how it does. Now I'm going to have to get some smaller stones and prong settings and do some shiny, bling-y stacking rings! And today, I hope to get to finish the Irai Citrine one that I talked about the other day. That one will be on a hammered, wavy-top shank. But first I'd better get going on the day's orders to take to the post office. Still really busy in the shop, so I'm off to 'work' now!


  1. Hi very pretty ring. I have a gold bracelet made from a patterned bezel and I love it. Bought it from a fellow crafter.

  2. Wow, that IS some bling, Cheryl! Gorgeous ring!

  3. Gorgeous Bezel Strip and lovely design....oooh a solder line, that's a shame, if you don't think you can SELL it you could always send it me when you're bored :D
    Seriously I love your work it's fabulous!
    Nic x

  4. Thanks you guys! I've had fun wearing it today - made me feel all sparkly!

    Lol, Nic - I'll let you know when I'm done with it!

  5. Absolutely beautiful cheryl! (and i hope you put the design in your 1000 Markets shop too!!)

  6. OOOhhh! That was my response when I saw this one :) I really like it, too! Good job, Cheryl


  7. Cheryl...that ring is incredible!!! You are a super talented artist, indeed!

  8. I love this ring - so beautiful!!