Monday, March 2, 2009

Fusing Copper, Bathroom Sinks and 3-D Jellyfish

My customers are a wonderful source of inspiration. They often ask for things I wouldn't have thought of, or spur me to try new techniques. This weekend, I had a request for a pair of petite copper earrings similar in size to my petite wrapped hoops, but of a different design. So, as I sat holding a bit of copper wire pondering my next step, I thought, hmmm, wonder what would happen if I tried to fuse copper? I didn't really expect it to work, but it actually can be done. It acts differently than fine silver, kind of bubbles and boils (kewl and fun to watch) and you have to be quick to remove the heat at just the right moment or you no longer have a hoop. Because of the bubbling, the resulting fused hoops have a nifty organic look, along with a great color patina from the heat. I made myself a pair of these too, and they are now a regular item in my shop.

In other news, I happened across an old favorite shop this morning while I was checking out the latest Etsy treasuries - Slavko. I so wish there was a way to organize Etsy favorites. It's so hard to find items because there is no way to categorize them, and if you have a zillion favorites like I do, it takes forever to sift through them all. Anyway, I spied this fab sink this morning in a treasury. I think I have blogged about Slavko's sinks before - I really hope I am the proud owner of one of them someday. I'd love to add a bathroom to my bead studio space upstairs, and this sink would go perfectly with what I have in mind. The space upstairs is really wonderful, and one of these days I hope to move my metal work up there, too.

Sinks aren't the only things that can be found in Slavko's shop, by the way. There is everything from vintage to original paintings to 3d ceramic pendants. (check out Slavko's website as well to find out more about him and his incredible work) I love this gorgeous vintage Mona Lisa table, too - it would look just perfect in my living room. (maybe it would keep me from piling stuff on top, ha, ha...)

Slavko also makes gorgeous ceramic pendants that are amazingly affordable considering how unique and beautiful they are. My two favorites are the Purple Tornado and his beautiful 3-D jellyfish.

I have some great huge faceted amethyst rondelles that would go perfectly with either one of these pendants. Hmmm, might be time to place an order. I've been meaning to do some beaded pieces - it's been forever since I've made anything with beads. Wonder if I remember how?

Well, I guess I have rambled on long enough, and my morning tea is finished. I have a busy day ahead getting orders finished up to take to the Post Office so I'd better get busy. Lots of international orders lately, which require actually going inside and standing in line - which translates into I have to actually get dressed in something other than jammies today. (Yes, I've been in my jammies since Saturday night - how bad is that???)


  1. I didn't know copper would fuse! They turned out great. I learn something new everyday!
    I LOVE that sink, and wish I had a big old house to put it in!
    You've been tagged on my blog.

  2. Ditto on the copper fusing!!! Good to know because I'm not always able to silver plate my solder joins. Thank you!

  3. GORGEOUS copper earrings, completely agree it's fabulous when a customer idea gives you fresh inspiration!

    Nic x

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I've tagged you to receive a Kreativ Blog Award. Check out the details in the left sidebar of my blog.


  5. What kind of torch did you use? I haven't been able to get the copper to fuse.

  6. Love the earrings. Did you use flux when you fused?


  7. I went to check out Slavko's Etsy site & found the announcement that he had passed away from his wife. Sad, as I really liked what I saw. The last of his works are being sold so you might want to check it out & share your sympathies with his wife, Maida.

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