Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mid-week Bench Check

Yay, I have finally gotten caught up with customer orders! Now I'm working on two gallery orders, and then I'll be working on new designs. I have sooo many ideas for new pieces, I can't wait to get some of them made. And I'm feeling like the pink opal piece I blogged about back a couple of months ago might get done soon, too.

Another thing I'm very excited about now that I am not juggling my day job with my jewelry is finally having the time to get my metalsmithing area organized and looking better. My bead studio is a lovely bright space on the 2nd floor and overlooks the garden. What a contrast this is - I call it the "dungeon", lol!

My goal is to get a storage area for my tools, probably some type of rolling cart with drawers, and a real jewelers workbench with a place to attach real bench pins and everything. And a drawer to catch what I drop - I drop a LOT of stuff! I have gotten up the courage to post my "before" pictures. Please don't be frightened, ha ha! This is what it looked like this morning as I was working on a couple of stacking ring sets.

Also pictured are two stones I'm working on ideas for - an easter egg jasper cab with a little pocket of drusy, and a yummy moonstone. I'm thinking about making a ring for myself out of the moonstone - I really love that stone, it is totally gorgeous in real life.

Well, that's about it for today, time to get to bed so I can get an early start in the morning. And drink coffee out of my NEW CUP! (Yes, I bought the cup, and it came today - I love it!)


  1. I love your bench space - looks like you're really busy! Do you have an Ikea near you? I got a couple of metal rolling cabinets there for $40 each! They have 6 drawers in them, and I can move them out of the way when I need to. I LOVE them!! Here's a link - - mine are white - did I mention that I LOVE them?! They're a lot smaller than they look, and you can fill the drawers with all kinds of tools and still be able to move the darn things! LOL Something to think about!

  2. Hey Barrie, thanks for the link! We don't have an Ikea, but those are exactly what I need! I really need to get all the tools off the top of the bench so I have room to work!

  3. You have a great workspace. When I'm working you can't even see the table top! I'm super messy! I clean up at the end of the day, (usually around midnight!) then mess it all up again in the morning.
    I visited your store today, and WOW at the sales! That's awesome! I don't see how you keep up. I don't have nearly that many in a day and I STAY behind! I don't even have time to make anything new! You ROCK!

  4. Awww, thank you Tammy! I wish I had sales like that every day! I'm so thankful things have been busy lately. Now that I'm a full time "starving artist", I'm working hard to get faster at making pieces, but I'm still up until midnight a lot, too!