Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Week's Work - Saturday 09/20/08

Now that I am a full-time artist, I will have the luxury of being able to create new things more often. I'll be featuring my new designs every Saturday, so check back to see what I've been up to! This week has been very busy catching up on orders. I was my last week at my day job, so I was still on the "night shift" all week. I got a new shipment of supplies, and discovered a new favorite stone - iolite. These tiny little cabochons (4mm) are just so pretty, I immediately made a new piece to show them off. "Wish Upon a Star" is a little necklace of hammered sterling silver with a pair of brass stars, and a lovely little iolite stone.

I will defintely be making myself a ring with iolite to wear all the time. For those of you who are interested in stone meanings here are the "powers" of iolite:

Iolite is a fascinating stone with an interesting past. Ancient mariners used iolite as a compass to guide their way to sea. They noted that it would show different hues of blue-violet when held to the northern and southern skies. Ancients believed that it could unlock creativity in an artist.

Iolite opens a path to your deep inner self
Use this stone to discover the lost parts of self and your inner treasures. It is an excellent stone for shamanic journeying or to assist in recovering information from past lives. It clears the third eye chakra. It is a stone of vision and creative expression. Iolite is especially compatible with lapis lazuli, amethyst, azurite

Healing properties of Iolite:
Iolite supports the healing of the eyes, stimulates memory and helps with sleep imbalances.

Also new this week is my Little Wrapped Oh Pendant. I had been thinking of making a pair of petite wrapped hoops with a brushed satin instead of hammered finish, but just hadn't gotten around to it yet. When making an order for the earrings this week, one of them just didn't match well enough, so I set it aside. Seeing it lying there alone on the bench made me notice that it would make a great littl pendant - and lo, the Little Wrapped Oh was born. It's a sweet little pendant with an oxidized and brushed finish. I'm keeping the first one for myself - haven't taken it off since I made it :).

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