Thursday, April 3, 2008

What's on the Bench - Works in Progress

I am just itching to spend a few days down at the bench with my torch, but haven't had time. These are my next projects just waiting to be started. Maybe tonight when I get home from the day job - we'll see. The pink is absolutely luscious Peruvian Opal, with a little purple sugilite for an accent. That will be one of the smallest stones I've ever made a bezel setting for - we'll see how that goes, lol. The other cool stone is a huge crazy lace agate with gorgeous patterning, accented with a chrysocolla stone. I really love the taupe color of the agate with the bright turquoise of the chrysocolla. Stay tuned for progress photos.....


  1. Love seeing the way you get started. Love that top piece and can't wait to see the finished work.