Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 02/01/09

Happy Sunday all! I'm late today - my Mom was over for a visit. We were supposed to be working on accounting and taxes. However, we went out to lunch and spent the time chatting instead. We are just soooo bad!! I'm rounding out my lovely day of 'not watching the Superbowl' by doing my weekly browse of Etsy shops. I'm still in the same cottage-y mood from yesterday after purchasing my wonderful Violet Rose mug. I'm starting to get the urge to do some spring cleaning and a bit of redecorating, as I've decided I'm done with winter now, ha ha. Hope winter is done with me! At least it now looks like the big snowstorm that was supposed to come in this week is going elsewhere - yay!

My Etsy browsing turned up some wonderful cottage finds. I've been looking for some new pillows to accent the sagey greens in my living room, and I found this lovely pillow at Atticwear's shop. It is feather and down-filled, too - there is nothing better than snuggling on the couch with a down filled pillow. (Except......oops, my mind strayed a bit there, hee, hee).

I've also been looking for a distinctive fireplace screen for ages, and certainly never thought I'd find one on Etsy, but there it was - this gorgeous handmade wrought iron fireplace screen! This picture has a rust finish, which is lovely, but I think I'd get mine in black. I've got a clock on my mantle that just about matches it perfectly!

And what cottage would be complete without this sweet little bird sitting on a shelf? This adorable clay nuthatch is from Dances with Clay's shop. I've definitely got to get one of her sweet birds.

Speaking of birds, I also found this lovely bird's nest card in Bella Sera Designs' enchanting shop. Her cards have a beautiful vintage look, and I love them all!


  1. ooo that fireplace screen is scrumptious! It's gonna be great in black too.
    Have a blessed week!