Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 02/22/09

Well, my plan was to photograph my beautiful crocus patch and wax poetic about the joy of approaching spring for a minute before I started my Etsy shopping this morning. Are you as unimpressed by this morning's photo as I am? Sigh...... Yes, I know it could be worse, but I've been 'globally warmed' for the past few years, and have forgotten how to deal with an actual winter. Okay, I'm done whining now, thank you for listening..... on to the shopping!

I'm in a random kind of mood this morning, so I headed over to the Etsy Treasuries for my search. Treasuries are collections that are put together or 'curated' by Etsy members to showcase items that they have selected for reasons almost as varied as the items themselves. The only real rule is that the items must not be your own. This is such a popular activity on Etsy that it is almost impossible to snag an opportunity to create one without becoming a Treasury "stalker". Here is a great how-to article from Etsy on the ins and outs of capturing a Treasury slot. It's been a while since I've created one, so I'm on the prowl myself for the next opening.

Browsing treasuries is a little different than other Etsy browsing in that only the titles are listed, rather than thumbnail pictures, so an eye-catching title is important.

The treasury title that caught my eye this morning is The Painter's Dream, a collection curated by Fell Painter. Her description of where she is from explains the captivating outdoorsy feel to her work: "I'm from the North of England, known for its dramatic landscape, changeable weather and stoical, tea-drinking inhabitants." she says in her shop profile. I have always loved everything about England, and would probably live there if I could. I've spent many lovely days driving the countryside of Surrey, in the Southeast, and the wild hills of Scotland, but have not yet made it to the fells of Yorkshire. And just what exactly is a fell? Strictly defined, it is: a hill; an upland tract of waste, pasture or moorland. Somehow, I think a painting does the term much more justice!

Fell Painter's work perfectly captures the feel of the countryside of northern England, especially this one titled 'Evening Clouds'. I can just imagine the brisk breeze and a slight cooling in the air as the sun starts sinking toward the horizon. Her work is done in oils on canvas, board or paper, and in petite sizes that make originals very affordable.

One of my favorite paintings from the treasury selections is from the shop of Small Impressions, titled Hillside Barn. Nancy also uses a small format and oils for her paintings, which capture perfectly the beauty of the American countryside. The warm sunny feeling in this painting is the perfect contrast to the cold snow outside today.

One more delight for the senses that I found in this treasury is the silk painting done by Mystic Silks. Her shop name really describes her work well - her paintings do take on a mystical quality from the way the paint takes to the silk fabric.

I'd love to see one of these in person, especially this stunning Monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. The contrast between the crisp clarity of the wings and the dreamy background is mesmerizing.

Her shop also has several paintings on silk pillows, and I particularly love the soft greens with the vibrant orange of the fish in her Aquarium Silk Pillow.

Alas, my second cup is finished, and I must get on with the day, so that's all for now. I am planning on finishing and photoing some new work today (finally, it's been on the bench all week, am I slow or what?) so I might have a few new pictures to share later today or tomorrow. See you all later!


  1. I think this morning's photo is beautiful.

  2. have been awarded the "PROXIMIDADE Award". See my blog for its meaning and how you are to award it to 8 others. Have a great day!

  3. Hi, Cheryl!
    I featured my purchase from you in my blog! I cannot wait to wear it! So happy to have found your's fantastic!

  4. Thanks so much for the award sassyglass!! I'm honored!

    Hi Amy! Thanks for the kind words and the mention on your blog, which is great, by the way! I can't wait for you to see your ring - you should have it soon!