Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 02/08/09

Time for one of my favorite weekly pleasures, browsing for new delights on Etsy. You just never know what will pop up. I'm feeling a bit wild this week, so I thought I'd see just how wild things can get on Etsy..... here we go!

Created by Hannah Rachel, who is also a very talented glass artist, this strange, yet beautiful Yellow Dust Mask is an incredible work of beaded art. The mask tells the story of the infamous uranium mines in New Mexico where Navajo and Hopi tribes were hired to work without protection from dust, radiation, and uranium poisoning.

The next offering is straight out of Mad Max - a true fashion statement in leather - check out Tom Banwell's Leather Steampunk Helmet. And no girl should be without her Raygun Model 81 when venturing out in her new helmet. It seems that Tom is also working on a custom leather holster for this beauty - stay tuned!

Not particularly into leather, guns, or helmets, you say?

Well, then perhaps a hatching dragon is more to your liking. In addition to the enchanting little dragon, Bog Productions' shop has quite a few other lovely and functional pottery pieces, both hand built and wheel thrown.

(Uh, comes my pottery addiction). I love these little tea bag holders. In fact, I *need* these, don't you think???

Ok, back to weird.. No home should be without a knitted lab rat in its very own dissection tray, no? You can buy this one (along with a lot of other slightly more conventional cuddlies) already made from the Crafty Hedgehog's shop, or knit your very own with her pattern. Have fun!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe some of the strange stuff that you can find on Etsy. And more surprising; people buy some of this stuff? Maybe I should be brave and venture out a bit!
    BTW: I just love some of your new pieces!