Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night at the market - 01/31/09

I do love pretty paper, and I have blogged about it several times. 1000 Markets has
a great arcade called Papercraft, and I stopped by for a visit tonight. One of my favorite shops is a member of the arcade, Taylor's Eclectic. Their shop is filled with amazing wearable sculptures and decorative vases created from paper and wire.

The stunning 'Under the Sea: Jewel of the Ocean' sculptural vase is a study in vibrant plum accented with multicolored 'bubbles'.

I also love the 'Grains of Sand' earrings, another study in brilliant colors, and just begging to be worn.

Another shop I discovered has just recently joined 1000 Markets and the Papercraft Arcade - Emily Wilson's Paperlace Greetings. Her work is positively enchanting - it was love at first sight for me when I saw her valentines!

Of course, my favorite is the Double Dragonfly Valentine, but then again, the Hearts and Flowers is a total stunner too - I might have to order both of them! I know I'll be a regular visitor to her shop, and the Papercraft Arcade.

Paperlace's valentines got me in the mood for more Valentine goodies, so tonight's 1000 Markets Search Engine Find is based on the search keywords, Valentine & Pink. I got 136 completely relevant lovely pink Valentine-y things.

I love this little box of ceramic chocolates - no calories! All the little flowers are completely handmade, wow! Check out this stunning teapot, too! I found the most perfect mug in the world in Bud and Lucy's Kid's Ceramic Confections shop, too. Yes, I know I have blogged about 'the perfect mug' before, ha ha...but this is my *new* perfect mug, which I just had to order. My very own Violet Rose mug is now on its way to me - what could be more perfect for Lavender Cottage?


  1. Your purple mug is just beautiful! Am sure the coffee will taste sweeter. Take care.

  2. Valentines Day is very important day for lovers... This little box chocolates and rose mug both are best choice as gift!!