Thursday, January 8, 2009

Treasures from the Gemshow...

Oh, my how I love to buy new gems! I blogged about my latest gemshow outing at my 1000 Markets blog. I am just completely inspired by these gorgeous moonstones and labradorites, and hoping to squeeze in time today to make a couple of new pendants - just simple little silver wire wrapped around the stone will be enough to show off these beauties, I think. And oh, joy - I found some high quality chain that has big enough links that I don't have to solder 24g jump rings to finish a necklace, what time-saver that will be. More time to make new things! And, best of all, they gave me a discount on the discount for buying the whole spool - does it get any better than that? Here it is - hope my customers like it as much as I do!

In addition to what I blogged about at 1000 Markets, I bought some cool new 'solar quartz' a very interesting geode-like stone and some new ring stones: larimar, charoite, moonstones with moon faces carved in them (making one of those for me), labradorite ovals, deep blue lapis, delicous pink kunzite, and some Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. I'll be making one ring out of each of these (for myself and my mom) then posting the remaining stones for a custom-sized ring of the same design in my Etsy shop. A girl just can't have too many rings, right??

Well, time to get off the computer now, and down to the studio. Talk to you all soon!

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  1. oooooo! I love your treasures!!! Isn't it a high to find lovelies and then be filled with inspiration and desire to create~~~
    Have fun.