Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 10/26/08

I might be single, but I don't live alone, ha ha! I have a whole herd of critters - 3 parrots, a kitty, and a sweet dog. I couldn't live without any of them, each one is a special personality. Of course I think they're all beautiful, but today I'm featuring my dog and official office assistant Roxy(pictured here, performing her most important, um, "duty") along with a great Etsy shop, Annie's Sweatshop. You'll find everything for the well-dressed and ecologically-minded dog in her shop. I especially love this great blue bandana collar.

Roxy looks really great in black, though, so I'm also thinking about this chic black polka dot matching collar and leash.

Annie's products are not made of the usual nylon, which is a petroleum product. She uses renewable cotton webbing, and also gives a $5 rebate if you send in your old collars and leashes.


  1. Roxie looks so comfy! She's a beautiful dog and the collar would look great on her.
    My "shopmate" is our pitbull. He's 8 years old and sleeps most of the day, and he sounds like an old man, wheezing and snoring and doing stinky things I won't name! :)
    I don't know what I'd do without my "babies"!

  2. Lol, sounds like Roxy and your pitbull have the same hobby - sleeping! By the way - I ordered a couple of Peddinghaus hammers from the tool link you sent me - great prices, thanks!