Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 10/12/08

Just a quickie this morning, since I'm in the middle of packing for the retreat! There are tons of great things to eat on Etsy. Not the least of which are these fabulous caramels in unique flavors from Earcmra's shop. The last two that I tried were Pumpkin and Chocolate - totally, totally, scrumptious!!! They are my two new favorites. And a close third is the licorice - yep, that's right, licorice flavored caramel - try it you'll like it!


  1. Thank you for featuring my caramels! I hope you have a lovely time at the retreat.

  2. These look delicious! I'll have to check out more food at Etsy!

  3. You know, knowledge can be a dangerous thing!!lol Now that I know that there are these wonderful yummies out there it will be hard to not indulge =D
    I love caramel, but licorice flavored!?! lol hummm
    Have a great time at the retreat!

  4. Our daughter brought salty black licorice flavored gum back from her recent trip to Norway...gotta say it was gross! Licorice caramels, though, that sounds good!