Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 06/07/09

I'm starting my week off on the right track. I need to get back on schedule with my blog. Amazing how being late just once leads to a whole string of blog-neglecting incidents, oops! Apparently spring and summer are a major distraction for me. In fact, I'm having a tough time sitting here instead of heading out to my tattered old 'daydreaming chair' in the garden. I do want to share some truly stunning work that I've run across in the last several weeks, though.

I meet the most wonderful artists by either creating or being featured in Etsy treasuries, and Maurice Sewelson of Sewelsonwoodcraft featured me in his treasury a while back. I was stunned by the beauty of his work when I clicked over to his shop. My stepfather was a talented woodworker, and I learned to appreciate the beauty of a piece of fine wood at a very early age.

Maurice's shop is filled with examples of beautiful exotic woods that are showcased at their finest by his amazing skill. I think my very favorite is the Spalted Red Gum woodturned lidded vessel. This shape of this piece is gorgeous, and the ebony accents are just perfect with the grain of the wood.

Another piece of his that I would love to have is the Australian Jarrah Burl woodturned vessel with its fascinatingly patterned eucalyptus wood. I would just love to see this piece on my living room coffee table. Perfect.

Speaking of Australia, another piece of spectacular work that I've found lately are the 'Sunset at Great Barrier Reef' pieces from the shop of Corinna's Atelier. Color always grabs my attention, and these just jumped off the computer screen when I was doing a search for a coral themed treasury that I'm planning. The way the stones in the Sunset at Great Barrier Reef Necklace blend into each other with their various shades of pink, coral and cream is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The matching bracelet with its meticulously crafted abundance of tiny stones is positively delicious. I especially love how each side of the piece is exactly opposite in design, making the blending of the colors even better. I am definitely going to have to create something using these colors!

On that lovely note, I must leave. Time to head down to the studio and make things. I got a wonderful shipment of deep purple amethyst, sagey green amethyst, sparkling lemon quartz and topaz, and the lovliest shade of rose quartz with a frosted finish. I love making simple little wire-wapped necklaces from fabulous gems, and I can't wait to wrap up a few of these and get them in the shop. I finally did post a piece made from a piece of the pretty translucent white chalcedony that I've had for a while - I named it Through the Mist, and it just had to be accented with a sweet little golden dragonfly!

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