Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday Night at 1000 Markets - 06/13/09

It's been a great week down in the studio and out in the garden. Well, actually, the garden has been doing great without me, ha ha! I've been admiring it from the kitchen window, but most of my time this week has been spent in the studio. I've had a wonderful time with my hammer, and fabricated a new ring and cuff for my 1000 Market and Etsy shops.

I did spend the morning outside taking a few photos of this month's new bloomers - two of my very favorites. Sunset Echinacea, (coneflower)complete with two bumblebees discussing the day's plans, and my yummy Paprika yarrow. It barely bloomed last year, but it's doing great now. If I get into enameling I am definitely doing some pieces in these colors!

Speaking of enameling, a new member in the Metalcraft Market at 1000 Markets, Natasha Suter has some gorgeous enamelled pendants. My favorite is her Diamond Shaped Marbelized Green and Fuschia pendant.

Another colorful piece that grabbed my eye as I was strolling through the Metalcraft Market is the Here We Go necklace by Liz Hall of Lizard's Jewelry.

Her pieces have that perfect touch of whimsy that makes you go back for a second look. The combination of the bright yellow with the black and white striped 'tail' definitely made me go back for a second look at this piece! This piece, and many of Liz's pieces combine sterling silver and polymer clay for a very unique look.

There is news from the Wearable Art Market this week, too - Gale of Le Enchantement has finished a fabulous and professional video for the Market. Be sure to check it out below. If you can't visit a wonderful outdoor market like the one in the video, the Wearable Art Market is the next best thing to it!


  1. Great selections again, especially Liz's funky polymer clay & fine silver pendant. I bet it makes you want to get out a packet of silver clay doesn't it!
    Nic x

  2. Love your yarrow! I need to plant a paprika next to my yellow. What a startling combination they would make! :D

    Have a great week, Cheryl!