Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 04/26/09

Another lovely spring morning is at hand, I'm on my second cup of coffee, and looking at my last tulip yielding the spotlight to Miss Nelly Moser. It's been a lovely spring for tulips here because of the unusually cold winter, and I've enjoyed every minute of their beauty.

I'll soon be heading down to the studio, and no, I'm not going to do my growing pile of dishes first. I've been catching up on twitter and facebook, and life in general after two months of being crazy busy. I'm still slightly behind, but not hopelessly so anymore. I have learned my lesson about keeping inventory on hand for wholesale orders rather than trying to fit them in and still keep up with regular and custom orders. Things have been slow in my Etsy shop for last week, so I should be able to work on several new designs I've got in progress soon. I've been having much fun with a custom ring shank design, which has now inspired a new pendant idea that I'm itching to do, too. I love when that happens!

Onward to the shopping for new Etsy treasures! I'm in the mood for an earring party today after finding these completely gorgeous earrings from Designs by Autumn. They were created with stunning multicolored sapphires, and I just love the design, it reminds me of bejeweled angel wings!

Another lovely I found in Autumn's shop is the gorgeous Paradise Reef necklace with yummy larimar and white coral. Just wow! And there's a bonus - the parts are interchangeable and can be worn in 4 different ways, from the single starfish to the full pendant shown here - great idea!

Then I found this great pair of pink and white lampwork saucer beads just perfect for a pair of earrings in my fellow Team Wetsy member's shop, Starlight Designs. I love the cranberry and white twisted stringer around the edge, they look good enough to eat!

I made a pair of golden grains earrings recently for a customer, and it reminded how much I love working with gold. I wish the price would go down so I can buy some gold wire and sheet. I'm starting to eye my gold jewelry and wonder how many things I could make if I melted it!

I found these gorgeous gold and emerald earrings in 2 Trick Pony's shop (gotta love that name!), who creates in a solar studio. I love the design on these and and warm glow of the gold that reminds me of a well loved heirloom.

Another pair of earrings that has the look of an heirloom is the lovely Yetkatarina Earrings from M. Augusta Woodland's shop. Such lovely colors and beauty with a slight touch of rustic. These so need to be hanging from my ears!! They also remind me that I need to get out my Russian filigree DVD and give it a whirl. I have wanted to do it for two years now, and it's time to get started.

I did actually buy a new pair of earrings recently, that I completely love - these beauties by Beth from her Mermaid's Den shop, one of my Team Wetsy and Wet Canvas friends. They are really beautiful, such a great design and workmanship!! Now I want more in different colors!

It's time for me to get the day started, so I'm going to go put on my new earrings and get going. 'See' you all later!


  1. First you started following me, then I followed you back on Twitter. I am so happy to find an artisan like you. Your work is exemplary! And, I love this blog. It is inspiring me to have at it with my own (neglected) blog. LOL

    Have a brilliant day!
    Elizabeth (my work) (supplies & vintage)

  2. Love your picks especially the Paradise Reef Necklace...yummo!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Elizabeth! I think you and I have quite a bit in common, and I love your work, too! I know what you mean about neglected blogs - I try not to neglect mine, but it's hard. Sometimes I think I spend more time on the computer than making jewelry!