Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night at 1000 Markets

Hi all! I sure hope everyone's Saturday has been as glorious as mine has. I am postively reveling in the first really warm weather of the year, and the garden is too!

I spent some time playing with my camera and taking photos of my lovely Nelly Moser clematis, just coming into her own this year. I planted her last June, and have been anticipating these spectacular pink blooms ever since. I suspect there are several pieces of jewelry-to-be that will be inspired by her!

Flowers always make me wish I could paint. In my imagination, I can create masterpieces like Mary Ellen Golden's gorgeous work in watercolor.

I fell in love with her painting style the instant I saw it. Her painting titled 'Spring Glories' makes me want to plant a white camelia to keep my pink one company. Camelias are such gorgeous plants that are the first hint of the coming spring. Another painting of Mary Ellen's that I love is her 'Monarch' piece with the beautiful purple of asters against the hot orange Monarch butterfly.

Mary Ellen lives on the North Carolina coast, and her oceanscapes are truly mesmerizing to me. She perfectly captures the liquid beauty of the waves in motion, and I particularly love the colors in her skies. I think my favorite is 'Sunrise Flight' - so peaceful and serene. I think it's time for me to visit the ocean and take a walk on a beach like this!

And speaking of the beach, one of the new members of the Wearable Art market, 360 Jewels, has the most spectacular spinning ring I've ever seen in the same gorgeous liquid blue that I love in Mary Ellen's beach paintings.

The name '360 Jewels' represents their philosophy that jewelry should be beautiful no matter from which direction it is viewed. Each piece is a lovely little sculpture adorned with the finest gems.
Another piece I love is the Amethyst Pyramid Treasure Ring. What a treasure indeed in the loveliest shade of purple! I just can't stop looking at either one of these beauties!

The second new member at the Wearable Art market is Laura Timmins, who creates stunning jewelry in polymer clay. Since I'm still in a 'beachy' mood, I'm especially attracted to her gorgeous 'Ocean' collection of pieces.

The detail she has created in color and pattern is nothing short of amazing in this pendant that captures the feel of a breaking wave perfectly. I can almost feel the spray on my face!

There is also a pair of matching earrings, which I just might have to have one of these days.....

On that note I am off to bed, dreaming of oceans and earrings and a full day in the studio tomorrow. Pictures soon!

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