Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 11/23/08

Good morning! This week I'm continuing to highlight my friends from Wet Canvas who have Etsy shops. Today, I'm highlighting the incredibly talented Andee, a jewelry artist and photographer from Germany. Her touch with beads and metal is truly inspiring, and even the most simple pieces have that special 'Andee' look to them. And her photography is nothing short of amazing. She has a way of looking at things that can make even the most ordinary a work of art.

Andee's photography talent clearly carries through to her jewelry. This pair of Peruvian opal earrings, 'Mopopal', are a brilliant study in blue, and the photography shows them off in a most spectacular way! And of course, since I am an avid gardener, I love the way her photos show off my favorite garden helpers - ladybugs!


  1. Wow Cheryl, thank you so much, you're too kind! (I've turned bright red while reading!) You totally made my day! :) Hugs!!