Monday, November 17, 2008

New Earring Monday - not exactly earrings yet, but...

Okay, this is a pendant, BUT - I am working on earrings with the same design. I have wanted to make ruffles in my metal pieces for ages now, but didn't have the tools to do it well. Now that I have my new hammers, and have learned to make wooden forms, I am ruffling away! I am planning a series of ruffled pieces, many of which will hopefully be earrings. So, does this count for new earring Monday? ha, ha.....


  1. Earring schmearring! That pendant is gorgeous!!! What kind of hammers did you get?!?!?!?!

  2. This pendant rocks!!! Tell us more about how you made the ruffles~~please???

  3. Thanks, Barrie and Chris! The hammers are Peddinghaus forming and raising hammers. I had been trying to do the same thing with a riveting hammer, but the edge was too small. At the retreat, Lisa taught me a lot about cross peen hammers, and I'm having a blast now.

    Chris, you need a cross peen hammer with smooth edges. When I do the ruffles, I hammer first to move the metal, then shape with my fingers, and anneal a lot! I also will be using a wooden stake that I'm making to do larger ruffles. This is a technique that Lisa taught in her leaf-making class. Make smooth grooves in the edge of a wood block, then hammer into the groove to bend the metal. When I get a chance, I'll do a blog about it with pictures of the block.