Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 11/2/08

This is starting to be my favorite time of the week. Relaxing with coffee, and doing a bit of shopping. I'm getting ready to start serious Christmas shopping, and this year I am definitely sending cards. The last couple of years I haven't had time to send cards to anyone but a few close friends, and I missed it. I've been searching for cards all morning on Etsy, and I've picked a few favorite shops to share here. I can't wait to start sending some of these gorgeous cards! The adorable red boot cards are from Ella Parry's shop. Her cards have been in my favorites list for a long time, especially this one - that'll be me this spring in my organic garden!

Then we have the totally festive holiday invitations from YesUMay's shop - I fell in love with these. I'm going to have to plan a party so I can use them!

Check out my favorites on Etsy for more cards!


  1. I did it, and they accepted me! I joined 1000 Markets. I was in shock this morning when I got the acceptance email. I have been rejected on the other juried sites I applied to.:P
    Thanks so much for telling me about it. I really like the way it looks and feels. Here's my shop:
    Yours looks awesome!

  2. Tag, you're it!! :) Check out my blog for details!! ( :)