Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy - 11/09/08

I'm starting to get going on my Christmas shopping in earnest now. One of the favorite traditions in our house is the Christmas stocking - I think this is because this gives us an excuse to shop for little fun tidbits that we like, but never buy for ourselves. My mom and I both love paper and writing stuff - notepads, cards, lists, calendars, stickies, pens - anything to make us feel more organized.

This weeks picks are from the great array of paper artists to be found on Etsy. The first shop is Rista's Shop, Papier de Fantaisie. Her fancy clipboards and and beaded pen/notepad sets are totally adorable.

And for those looking for something to make them laugh, be sure to check out this shop for great tongue-in-cheek notepads, recipe cards, greeting cards and tags: Terri Taylor's Designs. I love her to do list and 'awesomely proper insult' notepads - had to laugh out loud when I saw those! Also love the Bite Me gift tags - perfect for edible gifts.

That's it for this week - time to shop - see you all later!


  1. Hahhhh!!! Those notes CRACK me up!! I love them! My true feelings said with class and a smile~~~ Glad you shared these!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Me and you are the only members of the metalcrafts market this morning! I think it's a great market for us metalsmiths. Thanks bunches!

  3. Lol, Chris - her stuff is a total hoot! I am so going to have to get a couple of them (I won't say which ones, ha ha)

  4. You're welcome, Tamny! I'm looking forward to getting to know the other metalcrafters that sign up, too. Did you see the blog post about 1000 Markets at (a different Matt - national blogger who's been on Martha Stewart)