Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Night at the Market – 04/3/10

j0336633 It was a glorious day of balmy air and spring breezes , and  lawn care season officially began today with the  annual First Starting of the Mower.  Now, I admit, I am a very neglectful mower owner.  There was still a little gas in it from last summer, and to add insult to injury, I topped it off with more old gas from what was left in the can unused all winter.  I did not clean the spark plug.  I said a small prayer and pulled the cord.  (yes, I have a non-self-propelled push mower with a pull cord starter).  It was a miracle – 3 pulls and I was mowing!  I should be ashamed of how I treat my poor mower especially since it treats me far better.   So now I sit here on my couch with the smell of freshly mowed wild onions drifting in through the open window happy with the knowledge that my lawn will be lovely for Easter Sunday. 

VermontSoapFreshCutGrassSpeaking of the smell of fresh cut grass – check out this great  looking  cold processed soap I found while ‘armchair shopping’ tonight at 1000 Markets.  From the shop of Southern Vermont Soap, this one is actually called Fresh Cut Grass – I just  had to smile when I saw it! 

VermontSoapManukaHoneyLavenderThis great shop is filled with irresistible looking  soaps that are also gorgeous to look at.  No doubt that I’ll be ordering soon!  One I’d definitely like to try is the Manuka Honey Lavender with goat’s milk, also a cold-processed soap.  Soap making is a passion at Southern Vermont Soap.  Not only do they use the best ingredients, but they are always happy to explain more about the their cold and hot process soap making.

I found another lovely soap shop tonight,too - Enchanted Soap Favors.    What a refreshing twist for wedding or shower FlowerSoapFavors1favors – gorgeous soaps that look like flowers!   This lovely white flower, made of soap, measures approximately 3." It is decorated with the ribbon color of your choice and white beads. A "Thank You" charm is attached as well.   The hand carved leaf base, also made of soap, measures approximately 5" from left to right.   These little beauties are the perfect accent for a lovely spring wedding!

E325_weddingnitec And speaking of weddings – I just have to show you the exquisite “Wedding Nite” earrings from my friend Sandra’s shop – Preserve Jewelry Studio.  Sandra specializes in earrings, and if you’re an earring addict like me, you will love her shop!   (be sure to check out the great necklaces, too)  Her work is meticulous and top quality- I have several of her earring designs, and now have E327_lemonteaamy eye on the lovely Wedding Nite design,  as well as the delightful pair, new for Spring,  titled “Sweet Lemon Tea”.   I love the pretty pale yellow against the tea-colored crystal rondelles.  Simple. Elegant. Perfect.  And nobody can have just one!

Have a great Saturday, and I hope the Spring Breezes are blowing your way…

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