Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee and Etsy 04/05/10


Happy Easter Sunday to all of those who celebrate.   I hope it is a glorious morning where you are – it surely is here!  I’ve got my lavender latte in hand, and am taking a wee little break from my busy Easter Sunday  with a browse through my latest Etsy discoveries.

One of these recent new discoveries is Ethereal Art, the shop of  hugely talented artist, Marcia Snedecor.  Her work is dreamy and magical, and is the type of art that has a different meaning to all who look upon it. 

My DelicateBalanceIV_Ethereal favorite in her shop is a lovely piece titled “Delicate Balance IV”.   I just can’t stop looking at it – it reminds me of everything I love about nature, which is indeed a delicate balance of many pieces. 

In addition to original art, her shop also offers note cards using many of her  paintings.  Ive always been a lover of spirals in any form, so the card titled “Guardians” is one of my favorites.    The following is from her description of the work:  "This piece of art was inspired Guardians_EtherealArt by the Golden Mean, a ratio that celebrates a harmonious relationship pf parts to a while. The ratio is roughly depicted in the spiral shell. Archways combine two geometric shapes, cube and chalice, and symbolize the triumph of the spirit. Identical twins present a mirror image and symbolize perfect balance inner harmony and Oneness. The golden spiral, our sacred path, is the guarded treasure."  Do be sure and visit Marcia’s  own website where you can see more of her lovely work.  

These  beautiful paintings remind me a bit of the amazing work of bead artist Kerri FuhrKerriBeadsDragonflyFocalIt’s been a while since I have visited her Etsy shop, so I took a look this morning to see what  she’s been up to lately.  I first fell in love with her work a couple of years ago when I purchased one of  her dragonfly beads.  I think I need another one, and this lovely bead on a background of ivory tapestry is a stunner.  

KerriBeadsBumblebees She has bumblebees, too, which I might like even more than her dragonflies.  Check out this amazing set with a large focal, two smaller matching beads, and several little accent beads.  Oh, what I’d like to make with these!   New this year in Kerri’s shop are her lovely horse beads, as detailed as tiny little paintings,  just like the Kerribeads_horse bees and dragonflies.  This beauty in shades of white and grey is just begging to be made into an incredible necklace.    I used to have an Arabian horse, and this bead reminds me of one of the greatest of all – Nazeer.  My sweet little bay filly was one of his great-great-great granddaughters.   Hmm, I think this gorgeous spring weather we’re having is making me want to go riding.  Wow, I wonder if I remember how – its been years! 

Alas, it’s time to stop daydreaming and get on with my day, so on that note, I’ll say goodbye for now…….


  1. What a wonderful review! High praise from one as talented as you are...I have always been an admirer of your work!

  2. What beautiful artwork! I've been looking over her etsy shop and I'm blown away. Thanks for featuring her!