Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday Night at the Market – 01/02/10

LC1KMShop   I am looking forward to creating more one of a kind pieces in 2010, and my 1000 Markets shop is the perfect place to feature these new pieces.  I’m also happy to have the time again to share the beautiful things I find at 1000 Markets when I do my ‘armchair shopping’ from my cozy chenille chair – no malls for me!  If you haven’t heard of this wonderful online shopping site, or you have not stopped in for a look around in a while, do go and check it out.  It is still a new online venue, but over the last year, lots of little tweaks have been made to make shopping there easy, pleasant, and just plain pretty!  I do love the boutique feel that it has, and I always feel like I’ve been on a trip to an eclectic little city full of artsy shops and cafes when I stroll though 1000 Markets on my laptop. 

Something I have been looking for lately is Lavender – especially culinary lavender  because I am planning to be a vendor at this year’s Farmer’s Market here in Greeneville, and will be selling lavender based food items in addition to having a display for my jewelry.  (I’ll be planting a special culinary variety of lavender in my garden this year, too)  RoyalVelvetLavender

I searched for “lavender” at 1000 Markets, and to my delight the very first result was fine culinary lavender grown and packaged by Blossom’s Wild Herb Lavender Farm.     In their own words:  “We grow all herbs and perennial plants on our 12 acre farm in an unheated polyhouse. We feel by not forcing our plants to grow un-naturally, we create a hardier plant to take on the hard cruel world. To view all plants with pictures it is best to visit for complete listing.”

They also have several yummy lavender  recipes listed, and I will surely be trying them as I prepare my Farmer’s Market product line this winter.  The Lavender Blossom muffins sound splendid – I can’t wait to try them.  

Lavender_Wild_Bread_DipSomething  else I want to start doing is making homemade  bread this winter now that the holiday rush is past.  There is nothing more wonderful than dipping warm homemade bread into herb-infused olive oil, so I was excited to find these fabulous  Tuscan Lavender Bread dips – in Blossom’s shop.  Lavender_Wild_Honey Of course, homemade bread is also delicious toasted with butter and honey, so I’ll have to try the Lavender Honey as well!

Blossom’s shop is filled with many more heavenly herbs and spices, but they also have a wonderful collection of lavender items for the bath and for weddings and special occasions.  The heavenly looking Purple Bouquet Lavender gift collection is a positively decadent collection of goodies to pamper yourself with!


I’ll close for now, as I am heading off to dream of the warm sun shining on fields of lavender while I sleep……..


  1. Yum! I absolutely LOVE lavender!

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