Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little quickie.....

Life gets so busy in the spring it's very hard to make myself put in the computer time needed to keep my poor blog up to date. I thought it was high time to brush off the cobwebs here and say hello! I've been busy in the studio working on several custom pieces, and in the garden. The peonies and roses have simply outdone themselves, and I've enjoyed two weeks of sumptuous blooms. Now I'm looking forward to the calla lilies, which are sure to bring some great photo opportunities. And I need to mow......always the endless mowing.....

I'm taking a trip down to Chattanooga to hand deliver a gallery order tomorrow, so I am feverishly finishing up items today. I can't wait to see what the shop looks like, and do a bit of browsing through the downtown art district. There will definitely be pictures when I get back. I'll also probably take my new dragonfly leaf piece, and get busy making another one for the shop next week.

Also made a new pinkie ring for the shop with those yummy little pink tourmalines that arrived last week.

This weekend I'll be showing you some completely fabulous work from both Etsy and 1000 Markets - the kind of stuff that takes your breath away - can't wait to see what you all think!


  1. What is the shop name? I am a member of Intown Gallery on Frazier..we lived in Chat for about a year and a half...great art town! Good luck!

  2. Hi Stacie,

    It's Hanover Gallery. She just moved to this new location on Frazier in April! I'll be sure and check out the Intown Gallery while I'm there!

  3. Love the pinkie ring and leaf pendant!
    I missed your last posting, so checked it out too. Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! Love those fairy boots and yellow roses! Oh, and Sarah B.....

  4. Cheryl, this leaf pendant has to be my all time favorite piece! It's just beautiful.