Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pieces I made at the retreat

I learned to solder, a skill which is definitely an ongoing learning process. Turns out the hardest part is not the soldering itself, but getting things stabilized and flush-fitting so that soldering will work like it should. I have much to learn, but I was thrilled with my pieces, nonetheless. I had also wanted to try making a loop-in-loop chain so that all parts of my jewelry are handmade. Turns out I really love this process, and I spent a luxurious day and a half making a full necklace and bracelet set with handmade chain. It is made with 20 gauge fine silver wire, which is wound into a coil, cut into rings which are fused closed. The rings are then shaped into ovals, pinched in the middle, then woven one-by-one into a chain. The chain is then "trued" to make sure that each and every link is shaped perfectly. I also made a couple of simple band rings (no pics, oops), a pair of copper dome earrings, and two mixed metal pendants, one of which I attached to my handmade chain. I didn't get a chance to do any bezel setting, but I'm ready to try it as soon as I get time.

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