Sunday, July 6, 2008


Yep, I finally focused on that gorgeous crazy lace agate and finished the pendant! I decided not to use the turquoise blue chrysocholla for an accent, even though I loved the color combo. After playing around with it on the bench, it looked best with just a few silver balls as an understated accent instead - the pattern in the stone definitely can stand on its own!

I am slowly working my way through my collection of wonderful cabochons that I have collected from some very talented lapidaries that I have met here on the internet. My last post featured a Polka Dot Jasper from CR Designs of Idaho, and this agate is from Bitterbrook Cabochons down in Alabama. I'm afraid I'll always have a pile of stones on my bench, because I just can't resist adding to my collection. One of these days post an entry with photos of this pile!

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