Sunday, February 11, 2007

Over-the-top Spring charm bracelet

The !WetCanvas community is such a source of inspiration for me - I am definitely in the mood for spring now, thanks to the charm exchange I participated in. Participants in the exchange created two "artful" charms for each person in their group based on the theme chosen by each person. My theme was "the garden", and there were 10 people in my group, meaning that I received 20 garden-themed handmade charms. I, in return made 20 charms based on 10 different themes - now that kept the creative juices flowing! This project was started last November, and just finished up at the end of January with the delivery of all of our charms. I added a couple of my own charms, made a pearl bracelet to hang the charms on, and am now the proud owner of a masterpiece of creativity! This bracelet will be a happy reminder of my friends at !WC for years to come!

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